Warning Signs You Need Tire Repair

Don't Take Risks with Your Tires

Although most drivers spend more time and energy thinking about their vehicle's motor, the reality is that tires are an important component of transportation function and safety. Suitable tires in good condition augment the safety of your ride. In contrast, those in poor condition can pose an undeniable hazard. If you're concerned about your car related to the rubber meeting the road, bring it to Big Apple Automotive in Apple Valley, California (Bear Valley location) for tire repair.

Signs Your Tires Need Attention, Things You Should Avoid

If you don't consider yourself a tire expert, maybe you're wondering what to do and how you'll know to do it. Stop worrying! You have us to help you, and there are some signs you can easily recognize and some things you can avoid. First, keep an eye on your tires. Be mindful of the depth of your tread. You shouldn't use tires below the bare minimum 2/32″ tread depth. Remember that this amount may not be sufficient to provide you with the traction you need. Also, look for signs of uneven wear. This almost always indicates a problem, often an issue with wheel alignment. Further, keep your tires at the proper inflation. Too little air pressure can cause much trouble. You could more easily sustain tire damage if you bump a curb or hit a pothole. Too much air pressure is equally bad. It leads to bulges that wear away the center of the tread pattern. Second, avoid habits that are known to harm your tires. For example, never drive on a flat tire. That will ruin it, making it unsafe to repair. Further, don't run the temporary spare tire as a permanent replacement. Don't mismatch your tires, as this can create trouble in your all-wheel or 4-wheel drive vehicle. Think twice before skimping on the load range when you buy tires. Too much weight can cause the tires to separate. Finally, don't use a repaired tire not patched properly. It should have both a patch and a plug (an interior and exterior repair).

Your Local Tire Repair Shop

When you need tire repair, choose a facility that's both local and reliable. Your go-to tire repair shop in the Apple Valley area is Big Apple Automotive. Since 1978, we've been helping drivers just like you keep rolling on safe tires.

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Written by Big Apple Automotive