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We Keep Your Transmission Moving Smoothly

At Big Apple Automotive, we understand just how important your transmission system is to your vehicle’s long-term health and overall performance. Without this crucial system, driving becomes a lot more difficult, if not impossible. Ensuring your transmission system is properly functioning is vital to your vehicle performing at its best, and that’s where we can help.

Located in Apple Valley, California, our team of service advisors and ASE Master Certified technicians will work with you to ensure your transmission system is performing the way you need it to. They’ll take the time to properly analyze what’s going on, and then utilize state-of-the-art equipment and OEM parts to provide a long-term solution, instead of a temporary fix. Give us a call or visit our facility and see how we can get the best out of your transmission system!

Do You Have Transmission Trouble?

Beyond having your vehicle consistently serviced, understanding the signs of transmission trouble can really make or break your transmission system. By knowing the signs, you can act while the problem is still minor, instead of reacting to when the issue gets worse. Before and during your next drive, make sure you look out for these classic signs of transmission trouble.

Leaking Fluid

Just like motor oil, transmission fluid is responsible for lubricating the parts within the system and keeping them clean. It’s because of the fluid that your transmission system doesn’t overheat due to friction. The difference between transmission fluid and motor oil, apart from the systems they operate within, is that the fluid isn’t consumed or burned up. If you notice that the fluid level is low, that’s a clear indication your vehicle is suffering a transmission fluid leak. This can be caused by a variety of issues, and we recommend a visit to our shop to pinpoint the cause and fix the problem!

Poor Movement

Whenever you shift from one gear to another, it should always be a smooth and seamless process. Never should you experience a situation where you feel a hitch or hesitation. If you do feel this after shifting gears, that’s a clear sign your vehicle is dealing with transmission trouble. Automatic vehicle owners will notice this when you shift from “Park” to “Drive” and vice versa. Manual vehicle owners will feel this whenever they shift gears in general. We recommend you schedule a service with us immediately, as continued use will only cause additional damage to the transmission system.

Schedule a Service Today!

Without a properly functioning transmission system, your vehicle simply can’t perform at its highest level of performance. Avoid that and other issues by scheduling a visit with Big Apple Automotive, the go-to transmission service station in Apple Valley, California. Our ASE Master Certified technicians take the time to inspect and repair any issue your transmission may be experiencing. Whether it’s leaking fluid or a hitching gear shift, we handle every transmission problem with quality, care, and speed. Give us a call at 760-247-7255 and schedule your transmission service today! If you run into problems and need same-day service, our shop happily accepts walk-in customers. Visit our facility at 21775 CA-18, we’re right across from the Bank of America Financial Center. We look forward to serving you!