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Preventative Maintenance: A cost-saving measure

The most common reason vehicle owners avoid routine maintenance is the cost associated with it. Oil changes, wheel alignment, and tire checks go neglected, and as problems begin to develop, they go unnoticed. Believe it or not, the cost of auto repair maintenance is less expensive than waiting for larger problems that require extensive repairs.

Manual Transmission: Are they better engines?

The majority of manual drivers say they will never again buy or drive an automatic transmission. Manual transmission is more of an experience, but there are also some practical reasons to choose it over automatic. Our technicians at Big Apple Automotive in Apple Valley, California, came up with a list of the top 5 reasons

Clearing the Air: The Story of California’s Smog Test

As one of the leading states in green technology, California is always looking to decrease our negative impact on the environment and pass some of that responsibility on to each of its citizens. Smog tests are one of the many efforts to improve our air, but they didn’t always work the way they do today.

Brake Pads 101: What, Why, and When?

Brakes often get very little thought unless they stop working. You press the brake pedal without thinking and you need to know your brakes won’t fail you. Few drivers know the process by which the wheels are stopped and the various parts that are required to accomplish that. At Big Apple Automotive in Apple Valley,