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How to React to a Tire Blowout

First Steps to Safe Driving If you are reading this, you may have already experienced a tire blowout and are now safely on the side of the road. In case you haven’t already experienced it, this guide should help you to handle a tire blowout, how to prevent a tire blowout, and what to do

How to Identify If Your Tires Need Repair

Where Tire Damage Occurs The safety of your vehicle is the highest priority, but not always are safety risks apparent. Checking for any damages is important to identify if your tires need repair. If you drive on a damaged tire, it may not immediately affect you, but it will eventually become a bigger issue. Learning

How Car Brakes Work

Understand Your Vehicle Everyone who drives knows to brake their car, they must step on that right pedal in the driver’s position, but not everyone knows the process that transfers that pedal into stopping your car. This may be important because if your brakes need repair, you can diagnose where the issue originates from. Big

How a Tire Puncture Is Fixed

A Step by Step Process to Repairing Your Tire Many sharp objects can be lodged into your tire tread. Even though your tires can take a beating, they won’t maintain their pressure if something punctures them. Repairing a tire can be a long process because it needs to be patched in a secure way. If

How to Interpret Tire Markings

Staying Informed During Tire Sales The tire markings on the side of your tires can reveal to you many of the tire’s characteristics, which can help you decide which tires you want. Knowing what those characteristics translate to when driving can be helpful for drivers who don’t even know they could improve their driving experience.