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Signs Your Car Needs an Oil Change

What Oil Does For Your Engine One of the most common services you’ll need for your car is an oil change. Keeping the engine lubricated helps to keep its temperature down, improve its efficiency, and reduce the wear it gets from running. Not all cars need their oil changed at the same intervals, so you

The Signs that Your Car Needs Transmission Repair

If You Sense any Strange Vehicle Behavior Drivers who are on the road often become familiar with the sound and feel of their vehicle, so when something seems different, it can be a signal. One of the important components of a car is the transmission, and if it needs repair, it will reveal many different

What Different Colors of Smoke Coming From Your Car Mean

Why Is My Exhaust Colored? There are many different issues with your vehicle that can show signs visibly. If there is an engine problem, it is possible the smoke coming out of your exhaust could change colors. Normally, it is a clear or gray color, but there are three common colors that can appear from

How a Tire Puncture Is Fixed

A Step by Step Process to Repairing Your Tire Many sharp objects can be lodged into your tire tread. Even though your tires can take a beating, they won’t maintain their pressure if something punctures them. Repairing a tire can be a long process because it needs to be patched in a secure way. If

What Your Car Noises Mean

Strange Car Noises May Be Cause for Concern Strange noises coming from your car should not be ignored, but most people do not understand what exactly to do about them. Going to a mechanic for auto repair can be a good start, but knowing the potential problem can give you a better idea if you