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Tire Safety Issues

Totally Dependent on Tires Like it or not, you’re dependent on your tires. Let’s face it. It doesn’t matter if your vehicle runs if it won’t roll. What’s more, the motor provides horsepower, but it’s that rubber that holds your car to the road. Without proper traction, you could be off the road quickly. In

What’s That? An Oil Leak?

The Oil Needs to Stay Inside Oil leaks can be a big problem for vehicle owners. Oil lubricates the moving engine parts, removes some heat resulting from friction, and holds debris particles away from engine components. However, these tasks are accomplished only if the oil remains inside your vehicle. Therefore, an oil leak is more

Better Understanding Your Vehicle’s Tires

Not Just Rubber on the Road Nearly everyone has heard the expression of “where the rubber meets the road.” Though that’s about more than just tires, the implication is that tires are blobs of rubber that roll along the pavement. While there is a considerable amount of rubber involved, the notion that tires are no

Warning Signs You Need Tire Repair

Don’t Take Risks with Your Tires Although most drivers spend more time and energy thinking about their vehicle’s motor, the reality is that tires are an important component of transportation function and safety. Suitable tires in good condition augment the safety of your ride. In contrast, those in poor condition can pose an undeniable hazard.

Signs Your Car Needs an Oil Change

What Oil Does For Your Engine One of the most common services you’ll need for your car is an oil change. Keeping the engine lubricated helps to keep its temperature down, improve its efficiency, and reduce the wear it gets from running. Not all cars need their oil changed at the same intervals, so you