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Maintain Control of Your Safety

We drive our vehicles with the expectation that, without human error, it will keep us safe, and that’s a fair expectation to have. Modern technology has allowed vehicle manufacturers to jam pack a variety of new features to keep motorists safe on the road. But even with all these new safety tools available, there’s one classic system that has maintained its importance in automotive safety — the brakes. At Big Apple Automotive, we’ll make sure that your braking system is always keeping you safe on the road. Our service advisors and ASE Master Certified technicians will provide you with long lasting auto solutions so you won’t have to worry about your brakes for miles. Whether it’s a worn pad or a bad rotor, we handle every problem with quality and care.

Do You Have Bad Brakes?

When using your brakes, there shouldn’t be any sounds coming from it. It should be quiet, and anything other than that could signify trouble with the braking system. But sometimes, it’s hard to decipher these sounds and if it’s a serious problem or a minor issue. The Big Apple team is here to help you out. Here’s what these strange braking sounds mean!

Squeaking & Squealing

If you hear squeaking or squealing while using your brakes, don’t panic. Your vehicle isn’t in trouble just yet. This sound simply means that the brakes pads have reached their minimum level of thickness and they need to be replaced. The sound is typically caused by a spring or metal “hairs” installed within the brake pad. Once the pad is thin enough, they become exposed and begin to gently scrape the brake disc, creating the sound. Although it’s technically fine, we recommend a brake pad replacement service at your first convenience to avoid potential damage down the road.


If squeaking and squealing is a minor issue, grinding is a major problem. When you hear this sound coming from your brakes, this indicates the brake pads have completely worn down and the metal calipers are squeezing on the metal brake disc. This metal-on-metal contact can cause significant damage to the braking system and leave you with a pricey repair or replacement service. If you notice this sound, make sure you visit our shop for brake service right away.

Schedule a Brake Service Today!

Your brakes are an important contributor to your safety and driving experience. Don’t compromise that by settling for a mediocre brake service. Instead, get the brake repair you deserve by visiting Big Apple Automotive. Our automotive professionals will take the time to inspect what’s going on with your vehicle’s braking system. Then, they’ll provide the repairs needed so you can navigate Apple Valley, California safely. Call our shop at 760-247-7255 to schedule a brake repair service with us! If you’re having problems scheduling an appointment, feel free to stop by our shop, as we happily accept walk-in clients. We’re located on 21775 CA-18, right across from the Bank of America Financial Center. We look forward to serving you!