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A properly functioning tire is crucial to maintaining control of your vehicle and traction on the road. Whenever it gets damaged, it’s common to think the tire will need to be replaced. Despite this belief, there’s actually a quality, affordable alternative that will have your tire performing like brand new — tire repair. At Big Apple Automotive in Apple Valley, California, we provide this service with the quality and care your vehicle deserves. Our service advisors and ASE Master Certified technicians take the time to properly inspect the damage your tire has experienced. If it qualifies, they’ll quickly perform the service and get you back on the road! Give us a call and see how our automotive professionals can help you and your vehicle’s tires!

Does Your Tire Need a Repair?

Although it’s normal to think your tires need replacement at the first sign of damage, it may actually be salvageable. Tire repair is a quality, affordable alternative to the — at times — expensive tire purchase and replacement. But for your tire to be properly repaired, the damage must be quickly identified and the tire must have specific qualities. By knowing this, you’ll ensure your tire doesn’t sustain any more damage, which increases its chances of being repaired. Make sure you check for these signs of tire damage!

Damage in the Tread

Anytime your tires sustain damage, the first thought should be if you can have it repaired. To answer that question, check to see if there’s any damage within the tread of your tires. Although it’s ideal to have a tire repaired regardless of where the damage is, the truth is that the location of the damage plays a huge role. If the damage is within the tread, then great! You are one step closer to having your tire repaired. If not, you will need to have it replaced.

No Scuffing in the Sidewall

When a tire sustains damage, it typically loses some air, especially if you are not immediately aware of the damage and continue to drive. If you have driven a significant distance with a failing tire, make sure you check the sidewall of your tires for scuffing. This is a common issue that occurs when someone uses an underinflated tire, and scuffing indicates that the safety of the tire is compromised. If you see this issue, your tire will need to be replaced.

Schedule a Repair Today!

If your tires sustain damage, don’t think about a tire replacement just yet. Instead, save money by scheduling a tire repair service with Big Apple Automotive in Apple Valley, California! Our ASE Master Certified technicians will inspect your tire and ensure its qualified for repairs. If so, they’ll perform the service with quality and speed so you can get back on the road. If not, our service advisors will provide you with quality tire options, so you’re driving with the best tires for your vehicle. Give us a call at 760-247-7255 and schedule your tire repair service with us today! Broke down close to our shop? Feel free to stop by, as we accept walk-in customers! We’re located on 21775 CA-18, right across from the Bank of America Financial Center. We look forward to serving you!