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For your vehicle to perform at its best, the engine needs to be utilizing the best motor oil available. To make that possible, you need to have a regularly scheduled oil change, and Big Apple Automotive is here to help. Located in Apple Valley, California, our service advisors will work with you to determine what oil is best for your vehicle and its current condition. Our ASE Master Certified technicians fill your vehicle with your selected oil, so your engine can quickly experience the benefits it provides. All of our services are backed by a 12 month /12,000 Mile warranty, which extends to 24 Months / 24,000 Miles with a AAA membership. Speak with our service advisors for more details!

What Oil Do You Need?

When picking oil for your vehicle, there are a variety of options to choose from. These different oils provide a lot of options for vehicle’s in a variety of different situations, but it’s up to you to understand what your vehicle truly needs. Here are the types of oils you can pick from.

Premium Conventional oil is what you’ll typically see in most new vehicles and there are several viscosities to select from, so you can pick the best oil for your vehicle. This oil is the perfect option for vehicle owners that don’t really want to pay for an expensive oil but still want quality performance.

Full-Synthetic oil is what’s preferred for high-tech, high-performance vehicles and engines. This type of oil typically provides higher levels of viscosity, fights oil sludge, and improves resistance to oxidation and thermal breakdown. This oil also provides passive benefits such as improved fuel efficiency and less engine drag. The one negative about this oil is that it is a lot more expensive compared to other oils, so potential vehicle owners need to be careful with the vehicle’s they select, as some vehicles can only use full-synthetic oil and their maintenance costs may be much higher.

Synthetic Blend oil is a combination of full-synthetic and premium conventional oil. This offers the best of both, as you get the benefits of synthetic such as resistance to oxidation and the cost of conventional. Another great benefit of this oil is that at any time, drivers can fully commit to either full-synthetic or premium conventional and they won’t see any negative side effects!

High Mileage oil is specifically created for vehicles with over 75,000 miles on the road. This helps reduce oil usage, minimize leaks, and can help reduce smoke and emissions in older engines. This type of oil will help prolong the life of an older engine and should only be used for those situations.

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Make sure that your vehicle is always utilizing the best oil for its engine. For your next oil change, make sure you visit Big Apple Automotive in Apple Valley, California. Our automotive professionals will help you find the right oil for your vehicle. They’ll remove the old oil and replace it with your selection, so your vehicle is utilizing fresh, clean oil right away. Speak with our service advisors by giving us a call at 760-247-6882 and see how we can help you find the best motor oil for your vehicle. If you need same-day service, our shop happily accepts walk-in customers and offers weekend availability. Just visit us at 21139 Bear Valley Road, down the road from Apple Valley Square. We can’t wait to work with you!