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Find The Right Tire For You

Your vehicle requires healthy tires for you to maintain control. Unfortunately, tires don’t last forever and at a certain point, they’ll wear out or even get damaged. In these instances, it’s important to replace them with a new set so you can continue to reap their benefits. If you’re in the market for a new tire, make sure to visit Big Apple Automotive. We have a full suite of tires for you to choose from. Our service advisors will work with you to determine what’s best for your vehicle and budget. Our ASE Master Certified technicians will quickly install the new tires so you can experience the benefits they’ll provide. See why we’re the go-tire vendor in Apple Valley, California!

What to Ask Yourself

It’s easy to go through the motions when picking tires. As a result, many people settle on tires that don’t get the most out of their vehicle. Instead of quickly moving through the process, take time to ask yourself certain questions to make the buying process simple and easy. Before your next tire purchase, make sure you ask yourself these two questions.

Do You Like Your Tires?

Before looking for a new tire, ask yourself if you like the current tires on your vehicle. If you do, this makes your purchasing decision so much easier, just look for the same or a similar model to your current set. If not, then ask why you don’t like them and look for tires that have characteristics different than your current set.

What Conditions Do You Live In?

Although this is easy to forget, the weather where you live can greatly affect the type of tire you buy. Are you in rainy Washington or snowy Minnesota? Then you may want to consider tires with more tread or even winter tires, as they provide more control for your vehicle in inclement weather. Are you in sunny California? Then your vehicle may only need regular tires, as the extra tread in winter tires won’t provide you with extra control in ideal weather. By selecting tires based on your area’s conditions, you place your vehicle in the best position to get the most traction.

See Our Selection!

Your vehicle needs the best tires equipped to handle the variety of challenges you may face on the road. You don’t have time to deal with tire problems because of a poor quality tire. Equip your vehicle with nothing but the best by visiting Big Apple Automotive in Apple Valley, California. Our service advisors will walk you through our selection and work with you to determine what’s best for your vehicle. Then our ASE Master Certified technicians will perform the necessary repairs so that you can traverse the California roads with control and precision. Give us a call at 760-247-6882 and see what we have available for you. Want to stop by our shop and see what we have in store? Visit us at 21139 Bear Valley Road, down the road from Apple Valley Square. We can’t wait to work with you!