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Control of your vehicle is important for not just the quality of your drive, but the safety of your vehicle. This control is compromised when your tires get damaged, and it’s easy to assume that you’ll need a new set. But did you know that you can actually have your tires repaired? That a simple fix can return it to its previous level of performance? Yes, it’s possible, and Big Apple Automotive in Apple Valley, California can help. Our ASE Master Certified technicians take the time to fully inspect your damaged tire and see if it’s qualified for repairs. If so, they’ll perform the service with quality and speed so you can get back on the road. We back all of our services with a 12 Month /12,000 Mile warranty on parts and labor, with an opportunity for an extension if you’re a AAA member. Just speak with our service advisor for more details!

Is Your Tire Qualified?

Before your tire is repaired, it must go through a thorough inspection to ensure its safety isn’t compromised. During this inspection, our technicians will inspect different areas of your tire, including the tread, sidewall, and internal structure. For a tire to be qualified, it must pass all requirements. If it fails even one, the tire must be replaced with a new tire. Here’s what we look for in a qualified tire.

Damage Area

When inspecting your tire, the first thing our technicians will look for is the location of the damage. Tire repair only happens if the damage to your tire is within the tread. Anything outside of the tread indicates the structural integrity of the tire is compromised and it will need to be replaced.

Along with this, our techs look for scuffing along the sidewall. This occurs when a motorist drives with a flat tire for a long duration. If the tire has damage within the tread but has scuffing on the sidewall, the tire must be replaced.

Size of Damage

If the damage is within the tread, our technicians transition their focus on the size of the damage. A puncture should be no bigger than ¼ inch or 6 millimeters in diameter. If so, then the tire can be repaired. If the damage is beyond the maximum limit, the tire must be taken out of service and replaced.

Schedule a Repair!

The tires in your vehicle are important to maintaining control and stability in your vehicle. The next time it’s damaged, don’t think about replacing the tire. Look to have it repaired by the automotive professionals at Big Apple Automotive in Apple Valley, California. Our ASE Master Certified technicians will quickly determine if your tire is qualified for a repair and perform the necessary services to quickly get you back on the road. We’ll make sure your vehicle is equipped with the best tires, whether it’s because of a repair or replacement. Call our shop at 760-247-6882 and schedule your tire repair today! Tire experiencing issues close to our shop? Act quickly and visit us! We happily accept walk-in clients and we offer weekend availability. We’re located on 21139 Bear Valley Road, down the road from Apple Valley Square. We can’t wait to work with you!