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Keeping Your Engine Functioning & Clean

Clean motor oil is directly attributed to the performance of your engine by keeping it clean and lubricated. That’s why a consistent oil change service is important, as it allows your engine to always utilize fresh, clean motor oil. If your vehicle needs an oil change, make sure you schedule it with Big Apple Automotive in Apple Valley, California. Our service advisors provide you with the best motor oil options for your vehicle and budget. Then, our ASE Master Certified technicians will quickly remove the old oil and add in the new so your engine can experience the benefits right way. Give us a call or visit our shop to see how we can provide your vehicle with the best motor oil available!

Do You Need an Oil Change?

The best way for your engine to maintain high-quality performance is to have your vehicle go through a regularly scheduled oil change service. This allows you to yield the best results from the engine. With that said, there are other ways for you to determine when you need your oil changed. During your next oil inspection, make sure you look out for these signs of deteriorating motor oil!

Dark Oil

Don’t panic if you see this. When motor oil has taken on a dark, dirty appearance, it shows that the oil is doing its job. As oil continues to cycle through the engine, it cleans the engine by picking up sludge and other contaminants. This is what causes a darker appearance and is natural to see. With that said, it doesn’t mean you should leave the oil. This appearance also means that the oil must be changed, and you should schedule a service at your convenience.

Gritty Texture

To check the texture of your motor oil, simply place a dab of it on your index finger and rub it against your thumb. If you feel that the oil is gritty, instead of smooth, you need an oil change. But just like the appearance of the oil, the gritty texture shouldn’t be cause for concern. You should only be concerned if you visually and physically feel metal flakes in the oil. This indicates an issue within your engine and you’ll need professional help to determine what’s wrong.

Schedule an Oil Service Today!

Clean motor oil allows the engine to maintain proper lubrication and stay clean. Make sure that your engine is always performing at its best by scheduling an oil change service with Big Apple Automotive in Apple Valley, California. Our automotive professionals will take the time to select the best oil for your vehicle and quickly add it in. We guarantee quality service, so you can get the best out of your engine. Call our shop at 760-247-7255 and schedule your next oil change service with us! If you’re looking for same-day service, we happily accept walk-in customers. Just visit us at 21775 CA-18, right across from the Bank of America Financial Center. We look forward to serving you!