Smog Check in Victorville, CA

Victorville’s STAR Certified Inspection Station -- Big Apple Automotive

Keeping Your Emissions Clean

Every two years, California motorists must have their vehicle go through the smog & emissions test. This program helps reduce the air pollution that’s released into the atmosphere by controlling the emissions released by all vehicles. To earn their registration, vehicles must pass the inspection and have it performed by a STAR Certified Inspection Station.

At Big Apple Automotive in Victorville, California, we are the station you and your vehicle need. Our ASE Master Certified technicians perform the necessary tests to see if your vehicle passes. If so, our service advisors will make sure to pass along your results to your local DMV. If you fail, our advisors will provide you with a list of suggested services to ensure you pass during retesting. Regardless of your outcome, we make sure your vehicle is ultimately ready, clean, and legal for the road ahead!

How You Can Pass

Despite what some motorists may believe, passing the smog & emissions test is not a difficult task. If you are properly caring for your vehicle, this test shouldn’t be a problem. There are ways for you to prepare and make the testing experience easy. Prior to your scheduled inspection, make sure you implement these preparation tips!

Check the Engine Light

If there’s one thing that can lead to quick failure, it’s the check engine light. This warning light quickly indicates that something is wrong with your vehicle, whether it’s emissions related like the catalytic converter or simply a loose gas cap. Make sure you visit our shop so we can properly diagnose and fix the issue causing the light. By shutting the light off, you save yourself from an immediate failure of the emissions test.

Drive Prior to Testing

Prior to arriving at the inspection station, make sure you drive your vehicle for at least 20 minutes. This helps your vehicle’s motor oil, coolant, and catalytic converter reach the ideal operating temperature. Not only will this reduce the time it takes to actually take the test (technicians typically warm a car up prior to testing), it will also increase your chances of passing the inspection.

Schedule Your Inspection Today

A smog & emissions test is required for you to legally drive in California. Get one step closer to your vehicle registration by scheduling a smog check with Big Apple Automotive in Victorville, California. Our automotive professionals will perform the necessary tests and inform you of your vehicle’s status. Whether you pass or fail, we’ll make sure your vehicle is safe for the environment and legal for the road. Call our shop at 760-245-7255 to schedule your smog check with us! In the area and want to stop by? Feel free to visit us at 12850 Hesperia Road, just down the street from Farmer Boys. We’re ready to help you!