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The check engine light can be a stressful warning light to deal due to its vague nature. As a result, many people ignore it and continue to drive. This causes additional problems to your vehicle, and what may have started as a small inconvenience has just become a big problem. Instead of ignoring this warning light, respond to it by visiting Big Apple Automotive in Apple Valley, California. Our ASE Master Certified technicians utilize state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to properly assess what caused the check engine light. They use OEM parts and the latest tools and service techniques to quickly fix the issue so you can get back on the road. All of our services are backed with a 12 Month /12,000 Mile warranty on parts and labor, with an opportunity for an extension if you’re a AAA member. Talk with our service advisors for more details!

How to Handle It

When you see the check engine light in your vehicle, don’t panic immediately. This is your vehicle letting you know something’s wrong, and it does provide enough information so you know what to do next. All it takes is a little understanding of the light.

When the light is on, check to see how it’s lighted and colored. If it’s a red, flashing light, that indicates something is seriously wrong with your vehicle. If this happens, please stop driving and make sure you visit our shop immediately so you can avoid further damage. If it’s an orange, steady light, there is a small issue going on with your vehicle and that you don’t have to worry just yet. Although your vehicle is fine for the moment, we recommend you have it checked out at your first convenience, so the issue doesn’t worsen.

If the light is orange and steady, the first thing you should check is your vehicle’s gas cap. A loose gas cap is a common trigger for the check engine light. It’s also an easy fix. Before your next drive, either tighten or replace the gas cap in your vehicle. Once that’s done, drive as normal and see how the computer system responds to your adjustments. If the light shuts off, your vehicle is good to go! If not, then you’ll need to schedule a diagnostic service to properly determine the problem.

Schedule a Service Today!

When the check engine light is on, it’s your vehicle telling you it needs attention and care. Listen to its cry for help by visiting the engine light experts in Apple Valley, California — Big Apple Automotive. Our ASE Master Certified technicians utilize the diagnostic and repair equipment needed to determine the cause of the light and fix the problem. We’ll handle any problem that caused the light so your vehicle can perform at its best. Call our shop at 760-247-6882 and schedule an engine light diagnostic service with us! If you’re on a tight schedule and need same-day service, visit our shop! We happily accept walk-ins and offer weekend availability. We’re located on 21139 Bear Valley Road, down the road from Apple Valley Square. We can’t wait to work with you!