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Providing Performance & Control

When it comes to control and performance, few parts or systems play a bigger role than your tires. It’s because of your tires that you’re able to navigate rough terrain, inclement weather, and challenging roads. To safely handle these difficult conditions, your vehicle must be equipped with the best tires at all times, and that’s where Big Apple Automotive in Victorville, California can help. Our service advisors take the time to understand what tires your vehicle needs and what fits your budget. Once the tire is selected, our ASE Master Certified technicians will quickly install them so you can drive with top control and performance! Call our shop and see what tires we have available for you!

What Tires Do You Need?

Although selecting new tires seems simple, there’s a lot of thought that goes into it. Where do you live? How often do you drive? What are the common weather conditions? These are the questions you need to ask yourself to ensure you select the right tire and get the most out of your investment. Prior to your next tire purchase, make sure you think about these scenarios!

Understand the Terrain

When selecting your tires, take the time to think about the area you drive in. Is it a smooth, dependable area free from challenges? If so your option is simple. Go for common all-season tires. If you’re in an area with challenging terrain, you may want to select all-terrain tires, which are built to withstand rough roads and punishment.

Inclement Conditions

Along with understanding the terrain in your area, take the time to think about the weather conditions. Does it rain a lot? Are winters filled with snow and ice? If so, you may want to consider a separate set of winter or mud tires, as these tires are built to handle weather conditions such as snow, ice, rain, and mud. Having these tires available during the colder and wetter months will ensure you always maintain full control of your vehicle.

See Our Selection!

Your vehicle needs to utilize the best tires to achieve a high-quality driving experience. If you’re in the market for new tires, make sure you stop by Big Apple Automotive in Victorville, California and see what we have available for you! Our automotive professionals will walk you through our selection and help you pick out the best tires for you. We’ll even install them for you so you can experience the benefits right away! Have questions about our tires? Give us a call at 760-245-7255, we’re ready to help you! If you want to stop by, feel free to visit us at 12850 Hesperia Road, just down the street from Farmer Boys. We’re ready to help you!