Why Does Your Car Need Repairs

Why Car Problems Happen

Do you know why your car needs auto repairs? Why do some parts break? And is there anything you can do to prevent that? Big Apple Automotive in Victorville, California, can answer some of these questions. We know that drivers are looking to minimize the amount of time they spend at the auto shop, and while some repairs are inevitable, others may be avoidable. It depends on what you do to take care of your vehicle, including how you drive it! Keep reading to learn how you can reduce the chances that your vehicle will need major auto repairs.

Wear & Tear

While cars are engineered to be stronger and more reliable than ever, they aren’t designed to last forever. Certain parts have to be replaced to maintain the vehicle’s optimal performance. A good example of this is the braking system. The parts that make up a strong braking system wear out over time. To ensure you can continue safely stopping, you have to replace those parts every so often.

Tough Conditions

You can stick to a routine maintenance schedule and still end up needing more frequent repairs than other drivers. If you operate your vehicle in harsh conditions, like off the paved road or in severe weather, accelerated wear is expected. Carrying heavy loads or towing often can also speed up how fast parts wear. Some people just get more use out of their vehicles, and that’s okay! They will just need to put in a little more care to keep them in top condition.

Bad Habits

You could be contributing to your vehicle’s accelerated wear without knowing it. Drivers with bad habits cause systems to fail sooner and require major repair. A good example of this is stopping between shifting. If you switch from “Drive” to “Park” or “Reverse,” you should stop the vehicle completely. Switching gears while the car is still rolling might save you a few seconds, but it will cause severe damage to the transmission. It wasn’t designed to switch driving modes while the vehicle is still moving.

Have Questions?

Now that you understand what causes cars to develop problems, you can help mitigate the factors that might bring you into the auto shop more often. If your vehicle does need auto repairs, ignoring them will only make matters worse. Big Apple Automotive is here for drivers of all makes and models in Victorville, California. We can give your car the care it needs.

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Written by Big Apple Automotive