Which Tires Should I Buy for My Car?

Optimizing For Your Driving Style or Environment

There are many types of cars, trucks, and bikes that drivers use on the roads, but all of them need tire sales. Which tire fits, which will depend on many factors such as where you drive, when you drive, and how you drive. A motorist who drives in the city by the ocean will want vastly different tires than a motorist who drives on the highway in the mountains during winter. When looking for specific tires for your car, here are some tires that sell well for different situations.

Traffic Flow and Driving Behavior

All-purpose tires have visibly more complex patterns in their tread, which essentially means less specialization and more versatility. Most drivers will want to use these for their everyday needs, but when you need performance and specialization, you go for a specific tire. Trail blazers and offroad vehicles prefer these all-purpose tires because they need traction while also being sturdy.

Track racers go for tires with minimal tread, which gives them a lot more contact with the road and therefore more traction for turning at high speeds, but this means there is much faster wear on the tires. You will often see racers change their tires mid-race because these tires allow them to go much faster on the track even if they lose some time at the pit stop.

If you drive on the highway most of the time, getting the most efficient wear on your tires can come from the highway or ribbed tires. These are much more sturdy with larger treads and can handle heavy loads and last a while but provide less traction for turning. You can see these kinds of tires on trucks because they need to go for long stretches on the highway and don’t take as many turns until they get off the highway.

Seasonal Tires

Winter tires are designed for roads with heavy ice and snow on them. They will have more traction, and the tread will not capture snow like other treads. There are also studded winter tires that give an even greater grip, but these are illegal in some states as they make extra noise and are only necessary for the harshest winter conditions.

Summer tires are similar but more for wet and hot climates. The tires can grip the road while wet, so they are resistant to hydroplaning during heavy rainfall. If you find you need specific tires for your driving habits, we have tire sales for Victorville, CA residents at Big Apple Automotive.

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Written by Big Apple Automotive