What’s That? An Oil Leak?

The Oil Needs to Stay Inside

Oil leaks can be a big problem for vehicle owners. Oil lubricates the moving engine parts, removes some heat resulting from friction, and holds debris particles away from engine components. However, these tasks are accomplished only if the oil remains inside your vehicle. Therefore, an oil leak is more than a messy situation. It can pose a hazard to your engine if too much lubricant is lost. To learn more about the causes of oil leaks and to get an oil change, contact Big Apple Automotive in Victorville, California.

Potential Causes of Your Auto's Oil Leak

If you discover a nasty drip or puddle, perhaps you're wondering what might be the culprit behind your car's oil leak. The most common causes of leaks are o-rings, gaskets, and seals. These can harden and degrade over time because they're made of rubber. Bad gaskets allow oil to seep by. Interestingly, one of the great precursors to gasket failure is a lack of preventive maintenance services. As oil breaks down, the acid that's enabled to form in the lubricant causes rubbery components to disintegrate sooner. Multiple places can be affected by rubber degradation. The front and timing cover gasket and seal, rear main oil seal, valve cover gasket, front main seal/timing cover gasket/seal, oil pan gasket, camshaft seal, oil filter mounting gasket, dipstick tube o-ring, and head gasket can suffer. Besides the rubbery culprits, there are other spots prone to leakage, as well. The oil pan can suffer damage by flying road debris, resulting in a hole escaping oil. Similarly, the oil pan drain plug can be damaged if overtightened at oil change. This, too, will allow oil to leak. The oil pressure sending unit can allow for loss of oil, often causing the dashboard oil warning light to blink. Even a bad PCV valve can create trouble by allowing engine pressure to build to a level such that it blows out a gasket or seal.

Your Local Shop for Oil Change

If your vehicle has an oil leak, don't ignore it. Even a tiny seepage has the potential to escalate, and you don't want to lose so much oil that your engine is at risk. Therefore, bring your car to Big Apple Automotive for all your oil change and related needs, no matter what make or model.

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Written by Big Apple Automotive