What Your Car Noises Mean

Strange Car Noises May Be Cause for Concern

Strange noises coming from your car should not be ignored, but most people do not understand what exactly to do about them. Going to a mechanic for auto repair can be a good start, but knowing the potential problem can give you a better idea if you need repair, what repairs may be required and if you can afford that, and whether you can fix it yourself. If your current problem does require auto repair, consider coming to Big Apple Automotive in Bear Valley, CA, to get service you can count on.

Sounds You’ll Want to Listen For:

When starting your car, if there is a scratching noise and it takes a little bit to turn it on, it means your battery isn’t performing well. It may be low on juice due to running the electricity without the engine. You can recharge the battery by leaving the engine on for a while due to the alternator converting the engine’s mechanical energy into charge for the battery. This way, you won’t get stuck in the morning if your car doesn’t turn on. It may also just be that you need a new battery.

A screeching noise when you hit the brakes is not an immediate threat, but it is an indicator that your brake pads need to be replaced soon. Most brake pads have metals inside them that are designed to make that squealing noise when the pads are getting worn, but you are given plenty of time to get repairs for your vehicle.

When turning the steering wheel, you may hear a grinding or stretching of gears that means your power steering system isn’t working smoothly, and you may lose control of your vehicle’s ability to turn. The steering wheel may also feel stiff while this sound occurs. You definitely should get to a mechanic soon and drive very carefully without any sharp turns until you do so.

A rumbling sound and feeling coming from underneath the driver’s seat may not sound too threatening but it certainly is concerning. This may be caused by your exhaust leaking, which would mean poisonous gases could be entering your car. If this could be the case, keep your windows down to ventilate the cabin until you see a mechanic.

Another noise may be a grinding or clunking noise which could be the transmission struggling to get into the right gear. It may need more lubrication with transmission fluid, or it may have deeper issues.

If either of these sounds familiar to you, you may want to visit a mechanic for auto repair. Big Apple Automotive is available in Apple Valley, CA, for any automobile repairs you need for your vehicle. Call us for service today at 760-247-6882.

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