What to Know About Automatic Transmissions

A Driver’s Overview

Do you understand your vehicle’s transmission? Not all drivers know what goes on under the hood of their vehicles when they start moving. It’s good to have a basic understanding of your vehicle’s key systems so that you can make appropriate decisions for their maintenance and repair. That’s why Big Apple Automotive in Victorville, California is explaining what you need to know about automatic transmissions. This list should give you a good overview of maintenance needs, common problems, and what to expect from repairs!

  • Automatic transmissions should be regularly serviced to maximize optimal operation. Disposable fluid and filters should be checked with oil changes and changed every few years to prevent sluggish performance. During maintenance, a qualified technician can inspect the system for issues, so you won’t be caught off guard by transmission problems.
  • Automatic transmissions are complex systems. Small problems can quickly deteriorate into major, costly repairs. It’s always best to handle a transmission repair early to prevent further damage and increased repair costs.
  • Transmission fluid doesn’t get burnt up. If levels are low, that’s because there is a leak. Transmission leaks can cause serious damage, so be sure to handle them as quickly as possible!
  • You can tell if your vehicle has transmission damage if it behaves strangely when shifting. You might hear noises or feel jerking or slipping. Anything that seems unusual from normal operation is cause to visit the auto shop. Transmission problems risk your safety and mean your car is susceptible to sustaining further damage.
  • Excessive heat is a common cause of premature transmission problems. That’s why it’s important to check the cooling system regularly and perform service whenever necessary. Placing extra strain on the car by carrying heavy loads or shifting improperly can cause overheating.
  • Automatic transmissions are complex and require professional repairs when there’s a problem. Asking someone without the right qualifications to fix your transmission could leave you stuck with a repair bill for bad repairs that won’t solve anything.

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