What Oil Filters Do

Engine Parts Explained

Do you know what happens inside your engine when the motor oil starts flowing? The experts at Big Apple Automotive on US Highway 18 can tell you! We’re beginning our explanation with the oil filter, as this part is crucial to a healthy system. Here’s what the filter does and how it helps your car!

Key Functions

There are two key functions the oil filter performs: filtering contaminants and keeping oil in the right place.


Dirt and grime have a way of finding their way into the engine oil. If the filter wasn’t there to trap them, you would need oil changes all the time to prevent harmful build-ups. When dirty oil is left to circulate through the engine, it can ruin it by damaging parts and hindering performance. The key is that an oil filter can’t do its job forever. At some point, it will collect all the contaminants it can, and the rest will be left to flow freely. That’s when the filter needs to be replaced. Our shop replaces filters during oil changes to ensure the fluid is kept clean and the engine is protected.

Moving Oil

When you turn on your car, the oil starts flowing throughout the engine performing its duties — lubricating and controlling temperatures. It flows through the oil filter, which cleans it and keeps it in the right place. Oil enters through the tapping plate on the filter, then passes through a synthetic mesh of fibers that grab grime and dirt. When your vehicle is not running, you don’t want the oil to seep into the filter. A valve prevents that from happening. Another allows oil to flow in cold weather to give the engine the boost it needs. On either end of the filter, two discs prevent unfiltered oil from entering the engine.

Replace Regularly

It should be clear now that the oil filter is an important part of your vehicle! To ensure it can keep performing its integral responsibilities, replace it regularly. Big Apple Automotive on US Highway 18 changes the oil filters during fluid service to ensure your car stays in its best condition. Contact us today to make your appointment!

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Written by Big Apple Automotive