What Kind of Tires Do You Need?

Finding the Best Tires for Your Purposes

Are your tires damaged? Worn out? It doesn’t really matter why you need new tires, but it matters what replacements you get! As the specialists at Big Apple Automotive on Bear Valley Road will tell you, tires come in all different styles and sizes, and some will be better for your specific vehicle than others! The right kind of tire will help you achieve the results you’re looking for — whether that’s optimal fuel efficiency, better off-road performance, or increased control in inclement weather. Use this guide to get you started on the search for new tires!

Types of Tires


If you want ideal control of your vehicle year-round, all-season tires will do the trick. They are available for all makes and models and are a safe and affordable option. If you are looking for extra response and handling, consider high-performance all-season tires. A technician can help you find the proper size for your specific vehicle.


All-terrain tires are engineered for heavy-duty, off-road use. Generally, they are offered in sizes for trucks and SUVs. While they can be used on paved roads, they offer increased traction on unpaved dirt and rocky gravel roads. With rugged treads, they are also more suitable for use in snowy conditions than all-season tires.

Winter/Snow Tires

Winter tires, or snow tires, function as their name implies. In regions where weather creates slippery road conditions, tires with studs can increase the traction of all kinds of vehicles. They dig into the snow and ice to keep the vehicle from sliding and their rubber is designed to flex even at freezing temperatures. These tires may wear more quickly, since the studs that stick out constantly rub against the road surface. It’s best to use them in sets of 4 for optimal performance in wintery conditions.

If you visit Big Apple Automotive on Bear Valley Road for your vehicle’s service needs, chances are you won’t need anything more than basic or high-performance all-season tires. But if you need tires for specific applications in less than ideal road conditions, ask us about our selection of all-terrain or winter tires. We have options for all kinds of adventures!

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Written by Big Apple Automotive