What Is a Smog Check

Preparing For the Emissions Test

With the quality of the air we breathe a constant concern, especially for the state of California, vehicle owners must undergo emissions or smog checks to register their cars. Newer vehicles that are six years old or under will meet the necessary emissions standards. Electric and hybrid cars and motorcycles, and classic vehicles (1975 or earlier), will also be exempted from a smog check. Everyone else will need to get their vehicle tested at least once every two years. You can get your smog check performed at a certified inspection shop such as Big Apple Automotive in Bear Valley, CA. What exactly is needed to pass the test is essential for saving you some time and money.

What an Emissions Test Checks

During the test, a mechanic will check your car using special diagnostic equipment. If your car was manufactured in 1997 or sooner, it has an OBD port that can provide data from the car’s computer. The data can inform them of the levels of harmful compounds produced from your engines, such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, hydrocarbons, and nitrogen oxide.

If your Check Engine Light is on, it's a good indicator that you will fail the test, so getting the issue solved before taking the test will be necessary to pass. You can improve your odds of passing by optimizing your engine system. You can drive on the highway a week before the test to clean out the clogged pipes. Also, the efficiency of your engine is related to its emissions. If your engine is working harder, it will be producing more pollutants. Get new tires if they are getting worn or inflate them again. Remove the carbon buildup from your engine system by using a fuel cleaner and refill your fluids. An engine that is in good condition will produce much less pollution and improve your chances of passing.

If you still think your car won’t pass the test after maintaining the engine, you can take your car to a shop asking them to optimize your vehicle for the California state smog check. You can get these repairs and the inspection done at Big Apple Automotive in Bear Valley, CA.

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