What Is a Hanging Brake Caliper?

It’s Not a Sport

Hang 10. Hang Gliding. Are you hanging brake caliper? No. That one’s not a sport. It’s a real brake problem that can impact your transportation. When you rely on the ASE-certified technicians at Big Apple Automotive in Victorville, California, you don’t have to worry about this braking issue. Since 1978, we’ve been helping our neighbors with hanging brake calipers and all other brake repair needs.

What Is It? How Did It Happen? How Will You Know?

The brake caliper is the component that holds the brake pad on disc brakes. A piston mobilizes the caliper as brake fluid pressure builds (because you pressed the pedal). This, in turn, pushes the brake pad against the rotor (disc), creating the friction needed to slow or stop your vehicle. You’re not in stopping mode all the time. Thus, the goal is to have the caliper engage the pad when you need it and release it when you don’t. The condition is called a hanging brake caliper if the release doesn’t happen. This most often happens for one of three reasons. One underlying problem might be a dirty brake piston. This component is covered by a rubber boot that seals the piston, protecting it from grime. If road debris tears this rubber covering, dirt can get inside, keeping the piston moving correctly. Another issue is an immobilized caliper slide. As the name suggests, this allows the caliper to move back and forth. If it isn’t properly lubricated or has a dirty, corrosive buildup, it can’t move as intended. A final common cause is aging brake hoses. Though durable, hoses eventually show signs of wear. Tiny slivers of the interior can break off, partially blocking the fluid flow for short periods. Suppose the temporary flow disruption occurs at just the right time. In that case, the caliper may be forced into place on time but delayed on the release because the fluid can’t make a properly timed exit. Regardless of the reason behind the hanging caliper, there are some signs you’ll notice if your automobile develops this problem. A burning smell is often a good indicator because of the prolonged friction that leads to brake overheating. Your pedal may also feel “hard” to the touch, or it may feel like the parking brake is engaged. Perhaps you’ll hear squealing, too, or notice that your car is pulling to one side.

Great Brake Repair Near You

If you suspect a hanging brake caliper, bring your vehicle to Big Apple Automotive. Our staff has extensive experience with brakes on any make or model car. We offer a great warranty and are affiliated with multiple major automotive industry organizations. For excellent brake repair nearby, look no further than our facility.

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