What Different Colors of Smoke Coming From Your Car Mean

Why Is My Exhaust Colored?

There are many different issues with your vehicle that can show signs visibly. If there is an engine problem, it is possible the smoke coming out of your exhaust could change colors. Normally, it is a clear or gray color, but there are three common colors that can appear from your exhaust that can be concerning. These visual cues will most likely require a fix. Otherwise, you will fail the California state smog check required every two years. With the current air quality concerns in California due to pollution, you should be concerned if you see any of these colors coming from your exhaust.

Black Exhaust

Exhaust that comes out black means that your vehicle is using more gasoline than is necessary to run the engine. The air filter may also need to be replaced or unclogged because it controls airflow into your engine. Without the right mix of air and fuel, you will be burning more gasoline per air and needing to burn even more gasoline to get the same results. You’d be losing a lot of fuel efficiency as well as creating other problems for your engine and the environment.

White Exhaust

White exhaust smoke may simply result from water vapors, which would be a very light color and not for too long. But a thicker white exhaust can be much more dangerous because it usually means a leak in the cooling system. If the cooling liquids are being burned in the engine and sent through the exhaust, it means they aren’t being used to cool the engine, which can cause overheating. An engine that overheats can be extremely dangerous and can cause it to be completely destroyed. That’s the most expensive component of your car gone. Get to a mechanic ASAP, and do not run the car if you can.

Blue Exhaust

The color blue suggests that your exhaust is burning oil from a leak inside the engine. A loss of oil means the lubrication of the engine isn’t as efficient. If your car runs for too long with an oil leak, it will cause extensive wear and friction, which will stop your engine from running entirely.

If you notice any of these colors of smoke coming out of your vehicle’s exhaust, you should get it checked immediately. At Big Apple Automotive in CA-18, we can provide repairs or a smog check for your vehicle. We can diagnose your vehicle’s symptoms, such as colored smog, and fix the cause of the problem.

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Written by Big Apple Automotive