Warning Signs Your Transmission Needs Repair

A common lesson in automotive repair is that owners can save themselves extra cost and inconvenience by addressing a vehicle issue as soon as it arises. If your transmission is not working correctly, forcing it to function in that condition will only cause further damage. The key to catching repairs early is being aware and recognizing when transmission performance first begins to decline. The most costly repairs often have to do with your transmission. Our ASE certified technicians at Big Apple Automotive in Victorville, California, put together 6 signs that mean your transmission needs attention:

Uncontrollable Gears

Your transmission is how you control your vehicle’s speed and function. If your gears are beginning to malfunction by resisting to shift, shifting for no reason, or falling out of gear altogether, this compromises your ability to control your vehicle and you should immediately seek professional help.

Grinding During Shifting

In well-maintained vehicles, both manual and automatic, shifting gears should be almost imperceptible to the passenger because they are so smooth. If you experience a shuttering sensation when your vehicle is shifting, this could indicate a worn clutch or other complications.

New Noises

Whenever your vehicle begins making new noises, it should immediately attract your attention. Noises could mean several different issues, but if the noises happen while you are in neutral, there’s a good chance it is an issue with your transmission.

Burnt Fluid

If you know where to check the transmission fluid on your vehicle, this should be the step you take after you experience any difficulty shifting or new noises while in neutral. Clean transmission fluid should be red in color and sweet-smelling. Over time, the fluid will turn from red to a darker, burnt color. If your fluid is burnt, it is less effective in protecting your transmission while your vehicle is running.

Burning Smell

Finally, and most concerning, if your vehicle ever produces a burning smell, turn off the vehicle immediately and consult a transmission expert. No function of your vehicle should ever overheat so badly that it begins to smell of burning.

Your transmission is a vital system to your vehicle so when it does not function properly, it will let you know by one of the signs mentioned above. If you aren’t certain about the condition of your transmission, our Big Apple Automotive team is available to answer all of your concerns. Roll into our Victorville, California, location or call ahead for an appointment with one of our ASE certified technicians: 760-245-7255.

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Written by Big Apple Automotive