Apple Valley and Victorville Tire Services

When it comes to keeping safe on the road while driving, it is vital to ensure that your tires are in top working condition and have the proper alignment and tire pressure. If your tires are out of balance, it will wear down the tread of your tires quickly and affects the traction of your tires. Excessive wear will dramatically decrease the life of your tires. We recommend having your tires inspection regularly to determine if your tires are due for a rotation or tire balance. At Big Apple Automotive, we offer a comprehensive tire service to inspect your tire’s air pressure, alignment, rotation, and balance to ensure that everything is in working condition.

Uneven wear on your tires can be extremely dangerous when driving in the rain or on icy roads. Unforeseen weather conditions can strike at any time, and it is important to keep your tires in good condition so that you’ll be safe on the road in the event of a storm.

There are certain signs that indicate you may be due for a tire service:

  • Low tire pressure
  • Vehicle vibrates while driving at certain speeds
  • Uneven wear on tires

If you experience any of the issues above, your vehicle may be due for a tire service.

At Big Apple Automotive, we are the premier choice for auto repair in Apple Valley, Victorville,Hesperia, and surrounding areas. Our auto repair shop prides ourselves on our excellent customer service and fair prices. If you are due for a tire service, we can help!