Tire Safety Issues

Totally Dependent on Tires

Like it or not, you're dependent on your tires. Let's face it. It doesn't matter if your vehicle runs if it won't roll. What's more, the motor provides horsepower, but it's that rubber that holds your car to the road. Without proper traction, you could be off the road quickly. In what unpleasant spot might you land? Before you have a tire disaster, make yourself aware of potential tire safety issues. For tire sales and other related services, rely on the ASE-certified technicians at Big Apple Automotive in Apple Valley, California (Bear Valley location), a reputable company operating since 1978.

Awareness of Safety Issues

You don't have to be a tire expert to help keep yourself safe. There are basic facts that can help you take better care of your tires to protect you better. For example, more isn't always better. Did you know that overinflating your tires may increase your chances of a blowout even more than a tire puncture? That's because your tire pushes out in the center of the tread pattern when it's overinflated, heavily wearing that portion–perhaps to the point that it bursts. Likewise, underinflation is equally problematic. A tire with a low psi is more likely to burst on an unplanned impact, like a pothole or curb. Further, never try to drive on a flat tire. Not only will it ruin the tire, but you could lose control of your automobile because of poor, unexpected handling. Once your tires are worn beyond a safe tread depth, you need to replace them. Without adequate tread, you may not have proper contact with the road surface. This is particularly true in wet conditions where you can hydroplane.

When you're ready to make your next tire purchase, buy a set with the appropriate load range. A lower-than-required load range can cause the tires to separate, exhibit uneven wear, or even blow out. If you notice uneven tire wear, particularly if you know you're running tires within the acceptable load range, have us check them. You could have a Bigger problem such as wheel misalignment or suspension trouble. Likewise, don't operate using mismatched tires. Multiple diameters and/or tread depths can place your auto's transfer case in a bind, wreaking havoc on your all-wheel drive or four-wheel drive vehicle. While the visually identifiable spare tire that comes with most new cars is great, it's not meant for operating at high speeds or for long distances (more than 50 miles). It should never be your long-term plan for tire replacement. Finally, if you're having a tire repaired, make sure it is patched properly with the combination of a plug and a patch. Be aware that not all tires are safe to repair. A poor or ill-advised repair job can lead to a dangerous blowout.

Your Local Trusted Tire Shop

If you need a local shop you can trust to help you with your tires and advise you honestly when you need new ones, count on Big Apple Automotive. We're recognized by multiple professional organizations and hold ourselves to the highest standards. Keep yourself and others safe with tire sales and expert help for your vehicle.

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Written by Big Apple Automotive