The Signs that Your Car Needs Transmission Repair

If You Sense any Strange Vehicle Behavior

Drivers who are on the road often become familiar with the sound and feel of their vehicle, so when something seems different, it can be a signal. One of the important components of a car is the transmission, and if it needs repair, it will reveal many different sounds, smells, or feelings. The transmission is what shifts your gears and provides the torque your engine needs to spin your wheels. Without a properly running transmission, you can experience a loss in fuel efficiency or even a loss of your car’s control. If this is the case, come to Big Apple Automotive in CA-18 to get your transmission repaired. Here are some signs that you may have noticed from your car.

How Transmissions Work

The transmission is what shifts the gears. If your gear shifter is slipping out of gears, you tell it to go to, like if you put it in the drive, but it is still in neutral, it is definitely in need of repair. The engine may be running fine, but if your car gets no power while the engine is running, it could be caused by a failing transmission. Since the transmission directs the energy given off from the engine to the wheels, it may be a loose belt or brake caliper that is too tight.

Smells of Burning

If there is a burning smell, it could mean that your transmission fluid is leaking, and the gears are creating too much friction. This can cause further damage to the transmission if not dealt with immediately. Getting all the moving parts lubricated is important to reduce the heat produced by your transmission. If you believe the transmission is the problem in many cases, the transmission fluid should be checked. It is the easiest and most common repair solution.

Clunking or Loud Noises

With an automatic transmission, you shouldn’t feel a drastic change when it shifts gears. Other than a change in the RPMs on your dashboard meter and a bit of engine revving, an automatic transmission should feel smooth when shifting gears. If your RPMs are much higher than normal, it means your car is working harder for the same results. Manual transmissions should feel a bit more clunky, but any loud buzzing or humming sounds cause concern.

Transmission repair should be performed immediately for most of these issues because they can cause further, more destructive damage if left alone. Big Apple Automotive in CA-18 can service your vehicle’s transmission as well as its other parts. We can diagnose the cause of any of these signs and fix the problem.

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Written by Big Apple Automotive