The Reality Behind Auto Repair Myths

Who Is Talking Matters

Many drivers are looking for the best advice to maintain and repair their automobiles, and a lot of sources claim to have the best advice to give to them. This means that a large dealer may tell you that their service is the most reliable and that it is always better to get repairs before something breaks than after it does. This is true, but it may not be a reality for everyone. For drivers looking to get better value for their money, they may want to stick to providing their vehicles only necessary repairs and attention. Here are some myths that you may want to recognize when deciding if you need better auto repairs or maintenance.

Premium Fuel Is Better for Your Car

It is true that premium fuel is better for your car’s engine because it keeps it cleaner and keeps its temperature lower. For performance cars that accelerate quickly, their engines produce much more heat and therefore need a more efficient or expensive fuel. However, most cars are not designed to need that kind of performance. If your car is affordable, then it is designed to work perfectly fine in normal conditions on affordable fuel. If your car is relatively expensive or if you are using your car excessively, it may need cleaner fuel for its performance.

Warranties Are Voided by Visiting Other Shops

It is illegal for a car dealership to monopolize their service on warranties, so if you feel the need to shop around, you can do so. So long as you keep things documented, you should be fine. However, your warranty can still be voided by certain behaviors that can endanger your automobile, such as negligence to visit a shop when it needs repair.

Turning Off the AC Conserves Fuel

Turning the AC on does use more fuel, but so does rolling down your windows due to wind resistance. It is not recommended to run the car with the windows up and without AC. It is much easier and convenient just to run the AC.

Wash Your Car With Soap

You should not wash your car with dish soap you would find around the house. Unless you are looking to strip and reapply wax to your car, use a car-washing liquid to preserve your wax and paint job.

Replace All Four Tires

Tires are usually sold in deals that make a whole set of four cheaper than buying four individual tires. But, it is still cheaper to buy one tire than an entire set. It is better to repair a single tire if you can. If you need a new tire, you can buy a new one so long as it is the same make and model as your other tires until your other three tires wear out. Then you can buy a complete set for the best cost efficiency.

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