Brake and Lamp Inspection in Apple Valley, CA

Apple Valley’s Approved Brake & Lamp Inspection Station -- Big Apple Automotive

Strong Brakes, Bright Lights, Safe Drives

For your vehicle to legally navigate California, it must go through a brake & lamp inspection, which focuses on the braking and lighting systems in your vehicle. This test ensures that each system is working at the standards set by the state. Motorists must visit a state-approved station to have the inspection performed, and Big Apple Automotive is that station for you. Located in Apple Valley, California, our ASE Master Certified technicians will perform the inspection and ensure your vehicle is safe for the road. If you fail, we’ll perform the necessary repairs so you can pass the next inspection! We make sure you have full control and visibility with your vehicle!

How You Can Pass

Passing the brake & lamp inspection is important to not only your safety but also your ability to legally drive your vehicle on the roads of California. It’s important that you pass the inspection, and the best way to do that is to prepare. This allows you to catch problems before our testers do and ensures you are approved for driving, instead of needing to retest. Prior to your inspection, make sure you follow these preparation tips!

Check Your Lights

Before you take your vehicle in for testing, take the time to visually and physically test the variety of lighting systems found in your vehicle. Doing this gives you an opportunity to notice any issues that may not have been seen when operating your vehicle, whether that’s a dimly lit headlight or a cracked tail light. Along with that, make sure warning lights such as the turn signals and the hazard lights are functioning, as you can fail the inspection if either of those is malfunctioning.

Get a Brake Service

Although this is an obvious suggestion, people will be surprised by how often drivers will not take in their vehicle for a service prior to the state-mandated inspection. By doing this, you’re able to catch and fix any problem in your vehicle’s braking system before our inspectors do, which helps in your chances of passing. If you suspect any problem with your vehicle’s braking system — big or small — make sure you take it in for service and avoid a possible inspection failure!

We Keep Your Vehicle Safe!

For you to have truly memorable driving experience, you must have strong brakes to maintain control and bright lights to provide proper vision. This can only happen when you have your vehicle go through the state-mandated brake & lamp inspection, and Big Apple Automotive in Apple Valley, California can help with that. Our ASE Master Certified technicians will quickly inspect the brake and lighting systems in your vehicle to ensure they are up to the standards set by the state. Whether you pass or fail, we’ll provide you with the information needed to help you make the best decision for your vehicle. Give us a call at 760-247-6882 and schedule your brake & inspection today! In the area and want to chat with our service advisors? Visit our shop! We’re always ready to help you. We’re located on 21139 Bear Valley Road down the road from Apple Valley Square. We can’t wait to work with you!