Significant Sounds: Why are your brakes squeaking and what should you do about it?

Your vehicle makes a lot of noises. Some are just the result of normal functions, but if you’ve ever heard your vehicle struggle, squeak, or thud, you know some of those noises need attention. Your brakes are often the culprit for new and concerning noises because they are among the most heavily used parts of your vehicle. It doesn’t matter if you’re an aggressive driver or always obey the speed limits around Victorville, California. It doesn’t matter whether you have a performance vehicle or a people mover. Your brakes are constantly wearing through use. The brake specialists at Big Apple Automotive put together some common reasons your brakes may be making noise:

Condensation or dirt

In some instances, noise from your brakes can be explained by temporary environmental factors. If you have just started your car for the first time of the day or in a few days, there could be a build-up of condensation or grit depending on the weather and the environment the car has been in. If you hear a squeak on the first few applications of the brakes, but then they quiet down, that means the contaminants have been worn off naturally.

Worn indicator

Your vehicle may be equipped with a worn indicator on the brake pad that intentionally creates a high-pitched squeal. The indicator will alert you to have your brakes checked long before they become unsafe.

Poor Condition

It’s a good thing that brakes in poor health are very noisy because they are not a very visible part of the car that you can check on a regular basis. As the brakes and brake pads wear down, they do not get a solid connection and that can cause the brakes to slip or skid along the brake pad surface. This slipping and skidding create noises you may be hearing.

Ignoring brake noises is dangerous because it means your brakes are not stopping quickly or effectively. At Big Apple Automotive in Victorville, California, we believe that brake checks are an essential part of your vehicle’s ongoing preventative maintenance. Given the opportunity, our ASE certified technicians can identify developing wear on brakes before they become noisy or unsafe. If you have any concerns about your brakes’ performance or any new noises in your vehicle, call for an appointment today: 760-245-7255.

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Written by Big Apple Automotive