Rubber Meets the Road: How to handle tire damage

Tires may not be very high on the list of what you consider your vehicle’s luxuries, but believe us when we say that good tires can make a world of difference to your ride! Because they are such an integral part of your car, the condition of your tires affects the safety of your vehicle, the gas mileage, even the towing capability! However, you may experience a puncture or damage to a tire during the time you own your vehicle. No reason to fret!

At Big Apple Automotive in Victorville, California, our ASE certified technicians are here to inspect your damaged tire and perform a tire repair if appropriate. We recommend doing a visual inspection on your tires as often as possible to ensure the condition of your tires remains adequate. Here are a few tips on how to check on your tires:


Not all tire damage is as obvious as a flat, but most issues can be detected by a quick look. Your tires should be inflated so that the tread is the only part contacting the pavement. Underinflated tires bow so that the edges of the tread contact the road. If you feel like our tires are not staying inflated properly, you may require a tire repair.

Road Test

Often, if you experience a tire puncture or damage, you will notice very quickly while you are driving. The most obvious sign is if one of your tires runs over something and your tire immediately goes flat. However, if you run over a small object, but enough to puncture your tire, you may hear a rhythmic thumping or clicking noise. The best thing to do is check your tire that is making the noise and if you find something stuck in the tread of your tire, a tire repair is possible.

Professional Opinion

If you are at all unsure what might be happening with one or more of your tires, it is best to seek professional help. Catching a tire with low pressure early can be the difference between a tire repair and a full tire replacement, the second being the much more expensive option.

Any concerns about the condition of your tires should be addressed as soon as possible. At Big Apple Automotive, our mission is to provide quality services at reasonable prices so you can get back on the road as soon as possible. Our Victorville, California, location is ideal for sudden tire repair needs without going too far out of your way! Call for an appointment today: 760-245-7255.

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Written by Big Apple Automotive