Repairing a Punctured Tire

How We Do It

Big Apple Automotive has seen our fair share of punctured tires since opening our location on Hesperia Road in California. Some of our customers are surprised to find out that their tires can be repaired, so to fill in the gaps, we’re breaking down the steps we use to fix punctures. Here’s how our technicians fix damaged tires!

Remember that gashes, tears, and total flats can’t be repaired using these methods! Your tire must be safe for continued road use after the repair, and these types of damages permanently compromise the structural integrity of the tire.


  1. Locate the Puncture
  2. Sometimes it’s easiest to remove the wheel to access the damaged area. If the puncture is within the tread area, our technicians move forward with repairs. They first remove any object lodged in the tread, such as nails or screws.

  3. Buff
  4. Once the hole is open, we apply a buffering solution to the punctured area. This ensures that the buffer machine and sanding process effectively smooths the surface.

  5. Patch
  6. Radial patches are used on the inside of the tire, aluminum side first! A chemical is applied to the area to bind it. After properly pressing the patch in place, they put the tire back on the rim.

  7. Fill the Tires
  8. After properly patching the tire, it must be reinflated to the proper air pressure. Technicians pump up the tire to recommended specifications and then the vehicle is ready to get back on the road!

Always Ask a Professional

The tire repair process is simple if you know what you are doing. The technicians at Big Apple Automotive on Hesperia Road are equipped with all the tools and technology to perform tire repairs quickly. We’ll get the tire removed, repaired, and replaced on the vehicle fast to get you back on the road! But not all tire damage can be safely repaired. If our technicians assess the damage and find that it isn’t qualified, we’ll recommend replacement instead. Additionally, tires that are worn beyond minimum tread level or are otherwise unfit for road-use are ruled out from proper repair.

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Written by Big Apple Automotive