Preventative Maintenance: A cost-saving measure

The most common reason vehicle owners avoid routine maintenance is the cost associated with it. Oil changes, wheel alignment, and tire checks go neglected, and as problems begin to develop, they go unnoticed. Believe it or not, the cost of auto repair maintenance is less expensive than waiting for larger problems that require extensive repairs. Checking on your vehicle more often gives our ASE certified technicians more opportunities to stop repairs before they cause more damage. At Big Apple Automotive in Apply Valley, California, our professionals at our CA-18 location can provide you a preventative maintenance schedule to ensure any auto repairs that your vehicle will need are done when your vehicle needs it. Here are three preventative maintenance checks and the way it keeps you from more costly repairs:

Oil Changes

A common phrase is that oil is the lifeblood of the engine. Like a circulatory system, the oil moves through the engine cooling and lubricating moving parts. Over time, it breaks down and becomes darker and thicker making it less effective at cooling and lubricating. This forces your engine to work harder to run smoothly. By maintaining a schedule of oil changes, you are helping your engine function with the least amount of damage and wear. Damage and wear that will cost more money when it harms the performance of your vehicle. At Big Apple Automotive, we also take the opportunity during routine oil changes to check the system for leaks.

Tire Rotation

Regular tire rotation ensures that each of your four tires wears evenly and at the same rate. Tire treads that wear more evenly will have a longer life, meaning you can go longer before needing a new set of tires. As a bonus, we perform a visual check on each tire for punctures. Punctures left unattended could eventually lead to a blow-out cruising down CA-18. In the event we find a hole, there is a chance we could repair the tire without needing a full replacement.

Brake Check

As far as safety is concerned, brake checks are the most important of preventative maintenance checks. You need to know your brakes are in good condition to be able to perform emergency brakes and sharp maneuvers while you are behind the wheel. Your brakes keep you safe by preventing accidents and saving you the cost of collision repairs.

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Written by Big Apple Automotive