My Check Engine Light is On: Should I Keep Driving?

When To Call a Tow

The check engine light. An indicator of mysterious origins, it seemingly illuminates out of nowhere and leaves drivers puzzled. While it’s on, you know that something is wrong with your car, but don’t have any specific answers. You won’t know for sure until you visit your automotive support team at Big Apple Automotive on US Highway 18, but how do you know if it’s safe to get there?

We’ve heard this situation from many drivers, and we want to dispel confusion over the check engine light. Here is your guide to determine whether your vehicle’s condition is unsafe for further operation and needs a tow, or if you can wait a little while until a more convenient time to visit the auto shop.

Stable Alert

Any alert from your vehicle should be given priority. Your car is trying to tell you that something needs professional attention before problems worsen. But with a steady check engine light indicator, you don’t have to drop everything and beeline to the auto repair shop. While you certainly could do that and eliminate further stress from the issue, the warning comes in advance of serious problems, giving you enough time to visit the auto shop sometime soon. Listen to what your vehicle is saying and visit a reliable technician at your first convenience to promptly address the issue.

Flashing Alert

When your vehicle’s breakdown is imminent, a flashing check engine light may appear on the dashboard. Some vehicles may use an alarming red color to draw the driver’s attention. This warning tells you to pull over safely as soon as possible. Once you are stopped, ideally away from heavy traffic, you can call Big Apple Automotive to explain your situation. We’ll likely arrange for a tow truck to pick your vehicle up and bring it to our shop where we can perform diagnostics and repair. If you ignore this warning and continue driving, your car may enter limp mode, where it is insufficiently powered to keep up with traffic. You’ll be forced to pull over eventually.

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Written by Big Apple Automotive