Manual Transmission: Are they better engines?

The majority of manual drivers say they will never again buy or drive an automatic transmission. Manual transmission is more of an experience, but there are also some practical reasons to choose it over automatic. Our technicians at Big Apple Automotive in Apple Valley, California, came up with a list of the top 5 reasons people choose manual and what it means for the maintenance lifetime of your vehicle:

Easier to Maintain

Because the manual transmission is a simpler design, there are fewer moving parts and therefore less opportunity for a flaw to develop. When problems do arise with a manual, they are often less complicated and less expensive to fix.

Better Oil Life

Again owing to the simpler design, manual transmissions require less frequent oil changes. With fewer moving parts, the path the oil takes around the engine is shorter and has less opportunity for imperfections to accumulate. Thus, the fluid does not break down as quickly.

Better Control

An engine that has an automatic transmission utilizes a torque converter, which allows the engine to function separately of the transmission making decelerating as easy as applying the brake pedal. Since manual transmissions operate in conjunction with the engine, the manual driver has the benefit of what’s called “engine braking” to decelerate. This means when a manual transmission is in gear, deceleration can be achieved simply by letting off the gas pedal due to the resistance of the moving parts of the transmission Also because the manual driver determines when to shift gears, they have better control over acceleration/deceleration in their vehicle.

Better Fuel Efficiency

The torque converter in the automatic transmission, working with the hydraulic pump, uses more fuel. Because it does not have these engine parts, manual transmissions can achieve up to 15% better fuel economy. Also, depending on manual driving style, gas mileage can be improved through more coasting by shifting into neutral and less braking due to “engine braking” while in gear.

Vehicle Knowledge

Because manual transmissions require more interaction from the driver, they are often more attuned to the vehicle’s needs. Manual drivers need to listen to the engine and determine when to shift, meaning that they will be aware if the engine is under stress or in need of repair. As a result, manual drivers can often catch problems before they develop into serious damage.

Our ASE certified technicians are experienced working with both manual and automatic transmissions. They know the special challenges that each engine presents and the best way to tune them for peak performance. At Big Apple Automotive, we take the time to get to know your vehicle and vehicle needs. Come by our Apple Valley, California, location or call for an appointment today: 760-247-6882

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Written by Big Apple Automotive