Lube, Oil, & Filter Change

It’s important to have regular lube, oil, and filter changes performed on your vehicle in order to maintain the health of your engine. Motor oil helps to lubricate the many components of your engine to prevent corrosion and potential damage. If your vehicle is running on low or old oil, your engine can easily overheat and engine components will wear down, negatively affecting your vehicle’s overall performance. Changing your oil filter is also vital because this is where the grime and dirt is caught while lubricating your engine. A dirty filter can prevent the filtering process and allow dirty oil to run through your engine.

The recommended interval for oil changes varies depending on the type of vehicle you drive and the oil used in your vehicle. If you’re unsure about how often your particular vehicle needs an oil and filter change, check your factory recommendations or ask us here at Big Apple Automotive. Our expert mechanics will help determine the correct type of oil and change interval for your vehicle.

Our AutoCare Center is your one-stop shop when it comes to your vehicle’s regular maintenance. Our ASE certified technicians can perform lube, oil, and filter changes on all makes and models of vehicles. We also perform a full inspection of your vehicle to determine any other services or repairs that may be needed to keep your vehicle running in top condition.

At Big Apple Automotive, we’ve been providing excellent customer service and fair prices for over 39 years. If your vehicle is due for an oil change, stop by one of our 3 shops for helpful and speedy service. We currently service Apple Valley, Victorville,Hesperia, and surrounding areas.