How To Select the Right Tire

What to Look For

It may seem easy to purchase new car tires. Before you go out looking for tire sales, you need to know precisely what your vehicle needs. You don’t want to hinder your car’s performance, and you also need to make sure your car can handle the weather in your area. Here are a few factors to consider, so you end up satisfied with your purchase. If you have further questions, contact the tire sales specialists at Big Apple Automotive on Bear Valley Road!


You need to read your owner’s manual to find out what size of tires you need. You can also inspect the placard located on the driver’s side door jam to see what the recommended tire measurements are. You should find a label that looks similar to this “P215/65 R15.” You can bring this number to our shop, and a professional will help you find the perfect options.


In addition to knowing the size, you have to know what style of tire is best for your vehicle. Most drivers will need all-season tires, which tend to work any time of the year. They are suitable for most mainstream sedans and SUVs. However, you also need to consider whether performance all-season, all-terrain and winter/snow tires would be preferable for your driving purposes.


A lot of people have a tendency to purchase the same brand of tires they had on their car previously. However, you should not automatically go down this route. Look into other brands and see if a certain company has a better reputation. There are extensive tire ratings available online, and you never know what else is out there until you look. Our experts can also guide you towards a reliable, high-quality choice.

If you need any help finding new tires for your vehicle, then don’t hesitate to speak with a professional at Big Apple Automotive on Bear Valley Road. We offer tire sales at great prices, and we can replace yours when they succumb to balding and excessive damage. Schedule a time to come in so that we can look at your car and recommend the best service!

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Written by Big Apple Automotive