How to Identify If Your Tires Need Repair

Where Tire Damage Occurs

The safety of your vehicle is the highest priority, but not always are safety risks apparent. Checking for any damages is important to identify if your tires need repair. If you drive on a damaged tire, it may not immediately affect you, but it will eventually become a bigger issue. Learning where these issues may occur and how to look for them can save you a lot of trouble in the future. Also, if you are in need of tire repair, you can get professional service at Big Apple Automotive in Bear Valley, California.

Where Can Tire Damage Occur

When looking for tire repair causes, there are a few places you can look. On the tread or the area of the tire that makes contact with the road is where most damages will occur, so checking there first will usually catch any issues. However, the tread is more resilient, so it can usually handle the beatings it gets. If you find any damages in the sidewall or the smoother part of the tire, these can escalate more quickly. Also, there is the inside of a tire which may have damage. Some issues may be caused by erosion from moisture if your tire is not sealed correctly and the insides will be damaged. It can only be found by taking the tire off, so generally, these issues are harder to find.

What Types of Damage Are Found

The most common issue is not necessarily damaging to a tire but is the natural wearing of the tire. If the tread is too thin, you will find less traction and be at risk when driving in situations that require a quick turn or stop. A good tool for testing tread depth is a penny. If you put the penny into the tread head first in multiple places and you can see a lot of the head, then it is time to get new tires. This issue of the wearing of tires can also happen in different places so check all the tires. Uneven wearing can be caused by axle symmetry. If they are misaligned due to running over a curb too quickly, you may not feel the difference while your tires would. Uneven tire wear is a financial inconvenience because you usually can’t replace one tire at a time, so you’ll want to get the most out of all your tires before they need to be replaced.

Other damages include punctures which are usually caused by nails or other sharp objects in the road. These can be obvious when you see the cut, but they will cause tire pressure loss which will increase risk of tire failure and reduce your mileage. If you need tire repair in Bear Valley, California, come to Big Apple Automotive, and we’ll check and repair any issues you have.

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