How to choose? 4 Types of Motor Oil

Although most drivers know that oil changes are important to vehicle maintenance, not many know the different types of oil that can be used. Technological developments in the automotive industry have led to advancements in motor oil. Some oils are designed for high mileage engines. Some oils are for performance vehicles. Understanding how you use your vehicle can help you choose the oil that will give you the best results! There are four types of motor oils available:


By far the most common motor oil, conventional oil is best for light-duty, late-model cars with lower mileage and only moderate performance requirements.


Full synthetic oil is ideal for high performance vehicles and vehicles that are subject to extreme temperature fluctuations. It prevents engine sludge by decreasing oxidation and thermal breakdown. It also has higher viscosity levels compared to conventional oil. With this technology, it can increase your fuel efficiency and reduce engine drag so your vehicle can achieve even higher horsepower.

Synthetic Blend

The main drawback of synthetic motor oil is the price. Synthetic blend motor oil offers the benefits of synthetic oil with a reduced cost because it is also part conventional oil. Many vehicle owners choose it because they want the best of both worlds.

High Mileage

For vehicles with more than 75,000 miles, high mileage motor oil was developed to help with lubrication and other issues that often arise in high mileage engines. Additives in the oil help prevent leaks and oil seepage. It can also reduce smoke and emissions and in some instances oil consumption.

Your vehicle’s owners’ manual will likely contain a section explaining the recommended oil for your vehicle type. However, every driver is different and they drive their vehicle differently. If you use your vehicle mainly to commute or get the family around town, you should find oil to improve gas mileage. If you’re concerned about the age of your engine and preventing a decline in performance, you’ll benefit from a high mileage oil. At Big Apple Automotive, our ASE certified technicians will be able to discuss your driving habits and vehicle needs to determine the best type of oil for your engine. Call our location off CA-18 today for an appointment: 760-247-7255

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Written by Big Apple Automotive