Getting the Most Out of Your Tank of Gas

You’ve Got to Have It, But It’s Expensive

Let’s get real. You’ve got to have gas because your vehicle doesn’t run on fumes, but it’s expensive. Sometimes you probably feel like you need a second job just to top off the tank. While we can’t help the price of petroleum, we’re glad to pass along a few gas-saving tips as well as assist you with needed auto repairs. Count on the shop that’s been taking care of your neighbors since 1978, Big Apple Automotive in Apple Valley, California (Bear Valley location).

Use These Tricks to Save a Few Drops of Your Precious Gasoline

First, as gas prices rise, become a smart shopper. You can start with the obvious. Don’t drive farther than you have to. Combine your errands, make fewer trips, and carpool if you have the opportunity—also, comparison shop. You can use the internet or an app to compare local prices, or you can visually scan the signs if you’re near a cluster of stations. What you don’t want to do is drive all over town, checking current costs. Further, don’t be a brand or grade snob. If a discount station has a better price point, take advantage of that. Don’t feel like you have to buy premium unless your vehicle requires that. Second, practice driving habits that are conducive to saving gas. For example, drive at or below the speed limit. When you’re gunning your auto, it’s sucking a tremendous amount of fuel. Try to keep your vehicle at an even speed, too. A pattern of speeding and slowing, speeding and slowing requires extra gas. Make sure your tires are sufficiently inflated to the correct psi. While you don’t want to overinflate them, driving on tires with too little air causes your car to use more juice. Be mindful of roof racks, too. You don’t want to leave unnecessary items affixed to the car. This practice greatly decreases fuel economy because it disrupts the aerodynamic design properties of your vehicle. Even an empty cargo rack can cause a small decrease in gas mileage, so it may be advisable to remove the rack until you need it.

Auto Repair as a Gas-Saving Strategy

As you reflect on things you can do to increase fuel economy, also think about using auto repair as a strategy for saving gas. For example, don’t put off a tune-up if you notice a decrease in your miles per gallon. Also, make sure your air filter is clean and that your tires stay at the recommended inflation. For assistance with all mechanical repairs, particularly those that can help you save money over time, rely on Big Apple Automotive.

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