Clearing the Air: The Story of California’s Smog Test

As one of the leading states in green technology, California is always looking to decrease our negative impact on the environment and pass some of that responsibility on to each of its citizens. Smog tests are one of the many efforts to improve our air, but they didn’t always work the way they do today. If you do need a smog check done on your vehicle, come see us at Big Apple Automotive at our location off CA-18 in Apply Valley, California. We are a certified test and repair station where we can not only tell you if you passed or failed, but we can perform any necessary repairs to get your vehicle in compliance.

Progression Of The Smog Test

The first smog tests were performed in 1972, but they were done at random by California Highway Patrol during routine roadside stops, thus, began the Motor Vehicle Inspection Program. By 1974, they began issuing “Notices of Correction” to vehicles that exceeded pollution standards. No penalties were associated with these notices, but they were a prompt for the vehicle to be repaired to improve its emissions. In 1977, the federal government passed the Clean Air Act, which encouraged California to enact further pollution reform by creating a statewide emissions test program. In the years since the tests have developed and improved.

It Makes A Difference

The results have been visible and undeniable! Our air quality has improved across the state and while smog is still an issue, the progress makes us hopeful that we can keep making a difference. As a car owner, the responsibility falls to you to ensure your vehicle is not exceeding the limit on emissions. This means you have to perform regular emissions checks. Across the state, tests can be accomplished at three different types of locations:

  • Test Stations: A test station location is dedicated only to the smog test and does not perform any repairs or diagnostic tests.
  • Test and Repair Stations: A test and repair station pairs the capabilities for smog testing with a fully-equipped auto repair shop.
  • Authorized Emission Related Checks: This station is limited to only testing with the emissions from the vehicle.

We’re Here To Help

As a test and repair station, Big Apple Automotive offers both the smog test and state of the art diagnostic and repair equipment. If your vehicle does not meet the emissions requirements, our ASE certified technicians can perform tests to identify the area of the vehicle in need of repair. To keep up-to-date with the emissions requirements and your vehicle’s testing, contact our CA-18 location for an appointment with one of our technicians: 760-247-7255

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Written by Big Apple Automotive