Choosing the Right Tires for Your Vehicle

Tires Not Optional

At some point, you’re going to have to buy tires. They’re not optional, so you cannot avoid replacing tires once they become unusable. Purchasing a new set, however, can be confusing. Before you become overwhelmed with more choices than you ever knew you had, we’ll help you with the information you’ll need to make the right choice for your vehicle. When you’re ready for new tires, count on Big Apple Automotive in Apple Valley, California (CA-18 location).

Equip Yourself with Information

While it may seem to some that “tires are tires,” the reality is that there are many variations that make a set suitable for your auto. For instance, you’ll want to think about tire categories related to the conditions you drive. All-season tires provide the balance between good traction in damp conditions and comfortable ride quality. As the names indicate, summer and winter tires are typically used only in warm or cold climates or in the respective seasons. Touring tires tend to be rated for a bit more speed, and performance tires take the speed rating to yet another level. Should off-roading be your game, you also have the options of all-terrain tires or mud tires. The all-terrains are better at handling dirt, rocks, etc. Still, they generally aren’t as comfortable on road surfaces as traditional car tires. Mud tires offer larger knobs to allow for navigating the obvious. Also, it would help if you were sure you were selecting tires of the appropriate size. Usually, this means you replace one set with another set of the same size. However, if you do make a change, you’ll need to get help to ensure suitability and fit. This entails multiple measurements, including diameter, the width of the tread pattern, and aspect ratio. You may also need to consider speed rating. This is the travel velocity to which the manufacturer guarantees the tires. Each of these factors for consideration is marked on the tires’ sidewalls. Additional thoughts should center around the amount of tread life you expect to receive from your new tires. Not surprisingly, those made to last longer are more costly.

Tire Sales with a Side Order of Convenience and Courtesy

As you can see, the ASE-certified technicians at Big Apple Automotive are knowledgeable about tires. Just as importantly, we make getting new tires convenient. Why drive a great distance from where you live or work to buy tires? We’re convenient to your location. We also pride ourselves on offering outstanding customer service for you that includes perks such as shuttle service and wifi to use if you’re waiting on site.

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